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On November 5, 2016, 10:00 a. m. at Dallas City Hall Plaza, Artists United For Christ, Inc. will sponsor the Seniors Stand-Up Parade. This event will honor the senior citizens of Dallas, Texas and adjacent cities. Whether our seniors are a part of the parade or are onlookers, this event is dedicated to them. They are our guests of honor. We consider any person who is 55 years of age and older a senior citizen. All family members and friends are most welcome.  

Our motto for this event is Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Felt. "Now is a time for seniors to stand up and not sit down. Our nations, states, cities and communities need to see you, hear you and feel you. Your wisdom and experience are imperative for the progression of our posterity. We exhort you to keep doing until you can't do and keep moving forward until you can't move. It is easier to be seen when you stand. Speak up and be heard. What you have to say is vital." Your sound advice will initiate solutions.

We invite our young people to overpower this event with your presence. Your participation is needed to help make this day special. We believe you being there will be the icing on the cake. So, start now planning how you will bring your seniors to this event. This parade with our streets lined with well-wishers will blow in fresh air that we need. Help us to make this day a powerful event. It can ignite positive actions and reactions for seniors everywhere. 

All cultures of the Dallas, Texas melting pot are expected to participate. Contact us and share how you will represent your heritage. We have a place in this parade for you. Click here to register. We will respond when we receive your form. You can also contact us at the number below or print the online form and fax it to 888-316-7057. 

As a tribute to our senior citizens, white balloons will be released by the crowd following the release of a white dove. The white dove symbolizes God's presence and His will. A white balloon in the air will represent our love and respect for senior citizens. Below is our logo for this event. This is what it represents: One of the traits of senior citizens is their beautiful silver and white hair. With the aging process also comes more knowledge and wisdom. The released and flying balloons symbolize seniors rising and being recognized as valuable assets in our communities. The transitional purple and blue sky represent the positive impacts that will be made as we see, hear and feel what our seniors bring to the table. Help us to spread the word. For assistance contact Gwendolyn Davis at 214-208-5110, To make a tax deductible donation click the Donate button below

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2016 Seniors Stand-Up Parade
A Tribute to Our Senior Citizens