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Senior Citizens Outreach
Please feel free to contact us with your  questions and requests by clicking the Contact Us button below followed by pressing the Send Message link.
Our senior citizens outreach events include the annual Reflections and Progression Reception and All Women’s Fine Art Exhibit at Dallas City Hall in Dallas, Texas. These programs were introduced in December 2011. Seniors of the Polk and Grauwyler Recreation Centers continue to be our Special Guests. We consider them to be our friends and family. What an awesome privilege it is to have them with us! One of our goals is to love, honor and exhibit great respect to our seniors. The City of Dallas, Office of Cultural Affairs sponsors performing artists such as the Barri Pearson Band and griot, Melody Bell. Our events are enriched by their artistry and are open to the public. 

Guests are encouraged to participate as you will see in the video below. It is a pleasure to share their smiles, gifts and talents on this website. The artwork being admired is a pastel drawing of Fran Radisson by Dallas actress, Irma P. Hall. 

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